Dog Grooming at d’Tails

d’Tails is a very personal grooming salon that provides one on one attention from start to finish in a calm, stress-free environment. We do not use cage dryers at our facility. All of our pets are personally hand dried. Grooming is by appointment and drop-off starts at 8:00 am.

Groom prices are specific to dog breed, coat condition, type of haircut, special handling requirements, and specialty services such as hair dying, toe nail painting, etc.

Cat grooming prices are $85 for a bath, $95 for a mini groom and $115 for a shave down, these are just starting prices. Prices could increase depending on behavior, and condition of coat.

Let our talented dog groomers pamper your pooch. Pricing is based on breed, style, coat condition, and size. Includes 2 baths with facial, blow dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, glands expressed, paw pads, sani, haircut to specification. Call 770-886-8787 today for your dog grooming appointment. Free consults available in person too!

*We are a flea-free facility and in order to prevent the spread of infestation while your pet is in our care, we take precautions such as a medicated flea bath and/or administer a Capstar pill if fleas are discovered on your pet so they can go home flea free. This may result in an additional fee. The Capstar Pill is available for $15. By killing fleas in 30 minutes, we then can take dogs into the facility. Ask us for more information if you think your pet may have fleas before coming in for your appointment.

Price is in addition to regular groom/bath service.