Self Service Dog Wash

Walk-ins welcome!

You supply the dog, we supply everything else!

Bring your dog to d’Tails and take the time you need at our self-service dog wash. We have brushes, ear cleaner, facial wash, towels, aprons, and your choice of shampoo included with your $20 self-wash bath. Quality time washing and massaging your dog is great for bonding. Plus, just knowing you don’t have dirty wet towels, walls, floors, or a furry bathtub to clean will give you a smile. Best of all, we clean up the mess when you’re done!


A Variety of Organic Shampoos
& Conditioners
Towels & Aprons

Waist High Elevated Bays
Assistance if Needed

The Drop In Pricing

Bath $20 per dog
Dry $7 per 20 minutes

Dog Day Specials

$15 Self Service Dog Wash
Tuesday – Wednesday
All Day Long
Every other day we are open it is $20